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University Summer Language Course Grants

Programme Details

Every year during the summer months, a number of German universities offer a broad range of three- to four-week language courses which focus on literary, cultural, political and economic aspects of contemporary Germany. Extra-curricular activities complement the core material.


Undergraduate and postgraduate students in all disciplines, enrolled full-time at universities in Ireland or the UK. Students need to be able to follow lectures in German and participate in discussions. Minimum language requirements for the UK and Ireland are A2 for beginners and B1 for students with previous knowledge of German (see Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The courses applied for must be taught exclusively in German and last a minimum of 18 days.

Students in their last year of a Bachelor‘s programme are entitled to apply if a Master‘s programme will follow directly after the Bachelor‘s degree. Please include the letter of confirmation by the higher education institution as proof.

Funding Details

The grant awarded is €850 and is intended as a contribution to the course fees and living expenses for a 3-to-4-week summer course. Travel grants are not available.

Application Procedure

The initial selection process for these awards is administered by the German Departments of the applicants' home universities, who then submit their applications to the DAAD London Office on behalf of the students.

For application forms and initial enquiries please contact the German Department of your university.

The application deadline for GERMAN DEPARTMENTS to submit the applications  for courses during summer 2017 is 01 December 2016.  Please get in touch your Department of German as soon as possible in the academic year to find out when the LOCAL deadline will be.

For further information on the University Summer Language Course Grants click here.

A course catalogue can be viewed here.


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