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Read what Margaret Wintermantel, DAAD President, says in the Guardian's Online Higher Education Opinion page (25 September 2016)

When Cultures Meet: DAAD / IMLR Writing Competition 2016/17

Vasile Dobrian, "The waves of migrating birds have darkened the infinity" (1996, Source: Wikiart)
Vasile Dobrian, "The waves of migrating birds have darkened the infinity" (1996, Source: Wikiart)

Open now!

The DAAD and the IMLR, together with the Goethe Institut and the Swiss and German Embassies in London, are calling all learners and lovers of German to take part in a writing competition! This time, the task is to write a story in German. Two German-speaking authors, Anja Tuckermann (Berlin) and Ulrike Ulrich (Zurich), have provided beginnings of stories of migration. Now it’s your turn to take one of these beginnings and continue spinning the yarn. You are free to develop your text in any direction you choose: to write a story of flight or refuge, of identities and self-images, of encounters or new beginnings … . Your story can be set in the past, the present or the future -  and in any geographical setting you wish. The only rule: it must not be longer than 250 words.

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New funding brochure is out

Guidance for EU students in the UK

DAAD London joined UKCISA, the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA), in the wake of the EU Referendum in order to strengthen our ties with the large international student community in the UK. With currently about 13,700 students at UK HE institutions, Germany ranks No 1 amongst EU sending states to the UK. On July 7th, UKCISA published a summary related to relevant legal and financial issues German and other EU member state students might have to face in the aftermath of the UK's decision to leave the European Community: EU Referendum: What we know for EU students (UKCISA website)


Promoting German Studies project discussed at Houses of Parliament

In Portcullis House at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 4th March a round table was held as part of a DAAD “Promoting German Studies” project on “Comparing housing policy in England and Germany”.   This round table forms part of a joint research project comparing English and German housing policy by Aston University, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), and the Social Science Research Centre, Berlin (WZB). Read the full report by Dr Ed Turner, project leader at Aston University.

The DAAD is happy to support the Universities UK's UNIVERSITIES for EUROPE campaign because we strongly believe that university cooperation within the EU is easier than outside.  


"The EU referendum debate and its impact on British universities: views from outside the UK"

The DAAD wholeheartedly endorses the event, which took place in London on 29 February, and triggered an informative and fruitful debate. For more details on the panel discussion please click here. Please also take a look at the 5 reasons why EU membership matters to UK universities as laid down by The Universities for Europe Campaign. For information on current events please click here.

DAAD London Newsletter

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'Germany from the Outside' - Panel Discussion

right to left: Dr Nicholas Martin, University of Birmingham (IGS), Dr Christin Hess, Aston University / University of Maastricht, Lord Green, Prof. Sarah Colvin and Dr Henning Grunwald, both University of Cambridge
right to left: Dr Nicholas Martin, University of Birmingham (IGS), Dr Christin Hess, Aston University / University of Maastricht, Lord Green, Prof. Sarah Colvin and Dr Henning Grunwald, both University of Cambridge

On 11th November, DAAD London held a panel discussion entitled “Germany from the Outside” in front of a packed audience at the Goethe Institut in London. The event allowed researchers who had previously received funding under the DAAD “Promoting German Studies” scheme to present their outcomes and discuss such questions/notions as ‘What it means to be German in the 21st century’, ‘Germany and the World’, ‘The Political Challenge of Managing Migration in the UK und Germany’, and ‘Germany from the Outside’. Capably chaired by Lord Green, the author of ‘Reluctant Meister – How Germany’s past is shaping its European Future’ ( published 2014), the representatives of British and German Universities as well as the audience were led through a highly thought-provoking discussion. Read more.

Translation Competition on Annett Gröschner's novel 'Walpurgistag'

Winners of our 11th competition have been announced! This autumn's translation competition was run in conjunction with the ENCOUNTERS series at the Institute of Modern Languages Research (IMLR) and University of Nottingham. Participants were asked to put themselves in the shoes of a translator when tackling a short passage from Annett Gröschner's novel Walpurgistag (published in 2011 by Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt).

We were overwhelmed by the response we received and would like to thank everyone who took part! The competition was open to secondary school pupils, undergraduates, postgraduates and anybody else who felt up to the challenge of translating a passage of German literature into English. Click here to find out about the winning entries.

Seminar for Russell Group and U15/TU9 Universities on HE Research Co-operation

Cumberland Lodge, photo by Jan Adriaenssens
Cumberland Lodge, photo by Jan Adriaenssens

On 21st and  22nd September 2015, Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park near London hosted the ‘German-British Seminar on HE Research Co-operation for Representatives of Russell Group and U15/TU9 Universities’, organised by the DAAD London Office. Representatives took part from eleven German universities in the higher education alliances TU9 and German U15, and from ten British Russell Group universities. Find out more.

25 Years of German Unity - Take part in the German Unification Quiz!



Funding to go to Germany



Past events

Poetry-Writing Competition on the British Museum's 'Germany - Memories of a Nation' exhibition

Dürer's Rhinoceros C The Trustees Of The British Museum
Dürer's Rhinoceros C The Trustees Of The British Museum

A big THANK YOU goes to everybody who participated in our poetry-writing competition! The jury was very impressed with the variety and quality of poems as participants revealed depth and insight and evoked a wealth of sentiments and questions. Participants came from across the UK and even from abroad. 

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'The Benefits of Brussels: Opportunities and Challenges for European HE'

The conference, held on 4 November 2014, was the third in a series of Europe-themed conferences that DAAD London now organises annually. Watch out for details on this year's conference.  


The conference offered: 

  • An opportunity to meet with the key people from Brussels, Germany and France in London.
  • An update on what’s happening in Brussels and discuss what this means for your institution.
  • The latest British, German and French perspectives.
  • A programme designed to give pragmatic advice, best practice and networking opportunities through peer discussion groups.
  • A chance to find out more about successful university-business collaborations. 

The conference was organised by the DAAD London, Universities UK, and the Institut Français.

Click here for the full programme and for the conference report (in German). If you have any queries regarding this event please contact Cecile Reese