On 2 March, Ambassador Peter Ammon joined the opening event of the new DAAD-University of Cambridge Research Hub on German Studies.

Established in January 2016 at the University of Cambridge, the DAAD-University of Cambridge Research Hub (Forschungszentrum) on German Studies aims to explore the German world, past and present.

In his speech the Ambassador praised the new research hub as “an interdisciplinary soundboard for British-German relations”.

Drawing on the university’s excellent research infrastructure as well as the high number of scholars working on Germany and German culture across multiple disciplines, the hub was designed as a platform for the study of German culture in the UK and beyond. Its portfolio will include exchange visits with German scholars, the development of new research projects and two public forums per year that will be held in cooperation with a German newspaper.

The research hub will receive a total of €1 million funding from the German Academic Exchange Service.

Professor Christopher Young and Professor Christopher Clark will act as directors of the research hub. Neil McGregor, the former Director of the British Museum, will serve as its patron.

Ambassador Ammon also emphasized the significance of this research hub as a strong pillar for bilateral relations: “Underpinning the concept of such a research hub is the belief that there is a huge potential in further strengthening bilateral academic relations and in mobilizing the common European research community. […] And this belief will bring together world-leading academics convinced that their respective disciplines cannot and must not stop at national borders. In science, as well as in security policy and economic development, we need more European cooperation, not less.”

The following lecture by Christoph Keese, Executive Vice President der Axel Springer SE, on “Disruption in Business: The Crisis of Legacy Companies in Germany and Europe” marked the official start of the research hub activities.

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