The Theatre Group of the Germanic Department at Trinity College Dublin invites you to its performance of the play “Der Talisman” by Johann Nestroy. The Play will be performed in German with English subtitles.

„So kopflos urteilt die Welt über die Köpf’, und wann man sich auch den Kopf aufsetzt, es nutzt nix. Das Vorurteil is eine Mauer, von der sich noch alle Köpf’, die gegen sie ang’rennt sind, mit blutige Köpf’ zurückgezogen haben“

It is hard to be an outsider, a fact that Titus Feuerfuchs (“Firefox”) knows quite well: He is not only being bullied because of his red hair, but it is also the reason why his rich uncle Spund cuts him out of his will and why Titus just cannot find work. However, everything changes when Titus saves a hairdresser named Marquis from an accident and in return receives a talisman that will change his life: a black wig.

With this new hair colour he suddenly becomes an object of desire for women: three competing widows enable Titus to climb up the social ladder till he obtains a high position in the palace. Acquiring different wigs he continuously changes his personality but only finds his luck when he finally gets rid of all the deceiving fake hair.

“Der Talisman” is a humorous and witty story about appearance and reality. Critical of societal and political constellations, the play adresses a wide spread opportunism, and criticizes greed and discrimination of minorities. In the end, it is also a symbol for how ridiculously random the path to success sometimes can be.