Humans of Europe - Europe for Humans is an ongoing UK-wide photo campaign which aims to capture the thoughts and feelings of everyday citizens on Europe.
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"I guess I always took the EU and its role in Europe for granted. Originally from Germany and having lived in France before moving to the UK, I never realised my privilege of being able to move freely within these European countries. When the referendum happened, I was initially shocked and all of a sudden felt less welcome in the country I have been calling home for the last 4 years, where I have made amazing friends and lived with my boyfriend, who is British. I love living here but I’ve never seen myself settle down forever, there are so many other countries I’d like to explore with him. Then I started thinking about what it meant for him and my other British friends – with borders potentially closing, I may be losing easy access to one country, but they are losing almost an entire continent where they can move around as they like. To me, Europe means bringing people across borders closer together, making them feel connected and being able to exchange cultures while not having to be defined by only one country. It means being a community. I think Brexit was a wakeup call for many and will hopefully lead to politicians and people refocusing on what really matters." (Bristol)
‘Europe to me fundamentally is a growing, living ‘family’. Coming from a Spanish background, where my grandparents moved to England in the early 60’s for the chance of a better life. The chance that they were given by living in Europe greatly improved their lifestyle and ultimately created a family here. In the future I would like to see the same carry on for other families as it did mine. I hope that the Brexit negotiations do not affect this ‘dream’ as much as is being reported.
I do believe that this dual-nationality has shaped who I am today. And being from two European countries has given me a rich cultural background which I have used to my advantage in vocational and social aspects of my life. This is the Europe I know and I hope this ‘family’ can continue to grow in the future.’ (Bristol)
'I think that all the countries in Europe belong to each other, I think we are all quite separate from each other in our national identities but we should for that very reason come together because we are better off doing that with our differences. I think the EU is a very important institution, a very well evolved institution and we can always change it. There is no question about losing our sovereignty because we are obliged to play our part and we are not going to be swamped. I think we should stay in Europe and I think Europe is a splendid place, I have very nice associations with it.' (Wimbledon)
'l've travelled a lot and love the regionality of food and the identity it gives each country. I've grown up as British food has grown up; we fill each other's gaps, borrow each other's ideas. We're inspired by our neighbours' traditions and they're inspired by our innovations. It breaks my heart to think that now our food is as good as theirs, we're leaving. No-one knows what British food culture will look like after Brexit. And that worries me.' (Lewes)
‘I think it’s much better for us to be part of the EU. Businesses are being affected, people are being affected, and European migrants are having to go back to where they come from. People say that migrants are taking people’s jobs but they never did that. The hospitals were better and even though the government said leaving the EU means more money towards the NHS, that’s not true. Nothing is going to change and it’s all going to be privatised. That’s why I feel disappointed we are leaving Europe.’ (Bristol)

Call for your photo contributions

Humans of Europe - Europe for Humans is a UK-wide campaign which aims to capture the thoughts and feelings of everyday citizens on Europe. Through a powerful combination of portrait photography and conversation extracts, viewers are invited to share in the personal narratives of people from all over the UK and from all walks of life on any aspect of Europe.

In order to collect a plethora of views and ideas, we are seeking photo contributions to add to our campaign. What does Europe mean to individuals? How have European experiences shaped their lives and how do they in turn shape Europe themselves? Photo contributions can draw stylistic inspiration from Humans of New York and should be portrait style, accompanied by text taken from conversations led with those depicted on the topic of Europe.

By listening to the stories and perspectives of individuals, Humans of Europe - Europe for Humans seeks to explore the human face and essence of Europe, while lending those who share their views a voice in the process. By taking part in our campaign, contributors have the unique opportunity to be part of, shape and enrich what is a truly community led project.If you would like to take part in this exciting project, it is up to you which form this can take. You could go and speak to passers-by on the street or engage in conversation with your next door neighbour - if they agree to be photographed, you can use your own imagination and creativity to capture a strong photo and record excerpts from your conversation to accompany it. To mirror the diversity of the European population and European views, we encourage you to speak to anyone who is willing to share their thoughts with you. Excerpts can be on anything imaginable related to Europe - whether those are memories, feelings or political views.

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