Humans of Europe - Europe for Humans is an ongoing UK-wide photo campaign which aims to capture the thoughts and feelings of everyday citizens on Europe.
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'I am a young researcher and I have travelled in many European countries. There are no borders for me. The beauty of being European is that you can feel free to get educated everywhere around Europe. There are no barriers in studying. You can have access to many universities and take in information easily. You feel European because you are free to express yourself. This family called Europe provides you with a positive and friendly environment, where you can (re) search and stay motivated all the time. It offers you the possibility of being humane first and then an academic second. As a young researcher, Europe and Europeans mean a lot to me.' (Birmingham)
'I was born and raised in Greece so all I ever knew was the European Union. I think the difference between Greece and Britain is that we were taught a lot about the European Union at school. Its history…You know the benefits and why it was set up in the first place. So you know, I only see the benefits. So in that respect - yes, I consider myself a citizen of Europe. I don't have a memory of what European countries were before, so I'm not nostalgic of a different world, which I think is the case with many of the older voters that voted for Brexit. My organisation is very diverse and half of my colleagues are from somewhere else and I think that's absolutely beautiful. They can bring the lives, stories and experiences. It makes it richer and that's nothing to be afraid of. At the end of the day, it's about exposure, isn't it. If you're exposed to different cultures, the beliefs, then you stop being afraid of them. And I think that Europe brought this. It's the understanding and trying to bring the consensus to the greater good, peace and freedom.' (Brighton)
'As a farmer I consider myself a farmer of Europe, and I have a lot in common with the French and Dutch farmers. I farm goats and there tends to be more goat farms in the continent but they have much more political clout than we have. In the UK we are a very small part of the population, so governments of any colour don't really listen to us. I'm slightly sad that we're leaving the EU because I feel that the continental farmers are much more important politically in Europe than they are in the UK.' (Wales)
'So I'm 'European'. My father is English, my mother is Irish, I went to university in Italy, my children are bilingual – I’m absolutely a European. I think it feels like being part of a global community of people who are connected to each other through their passions or their beliefs regardless of their country or their language or any national borders. I think it feels like having solidarity with other people across the world who are experiencing similar things to us. I think it's having opportunities to exchange in terms of culture and language and food and business. I think that being a human of Europe is about creating a pan European identity acknowledging that we are all human, that we are all, you know, human animals, regardless of where we come from and what language we speak. You know, we're fundamentally all connected.' (Wales)


Call for your photo contributions

Humans of Europe - Europe for Humans is a UK-wide campaign which aims to capture the thoughts and feelings of everyday citizens on Europe. Through a powerful combination of portrait photography and conversation extracts, viewers are invited to share in the personal narratives of people from all over the UK and from all walks of life on any aspect of Europe.

In order to collect a plethora of views and ideas, we are seeking photo contributions to add to our campaign. What does Europe mean to individuals? How have European experiences shaped their lives and how do they in turn shape Europe themselves? Photo contributions can draw stylistic inspiration from Humans of New York and should be portrait style, accompanied by text taken from conversations led with those depicted on the topic of Europe.

By listening to the stories and perspectives of individuals, Humans of Europe - Europe for Humans seeks to explore the human face and essence of Europe, while lending those who share their views a voice in the process. By taking part in our campaign, contributors have the unique opportunity to be part of, shape and enrich what is a truly community led project.If you would like to take part in this exciting project, it is up to you which form this can take. You could go and speak to passers-by on the street or engage in conversation with your next door neighbour - if they agree to be photographed, you can use your own imagination and creativity to capture a strong photo and record excerpts from your conversation to accompany it. To mirror the diversity of the European population and European views, we encourage you to speak to anyone who is willing to share their thoughts with you. Excerpts can be on anything imaginable related to Europe - whether those are memories, feelings or political views.

You are welcome to sent us your submissions via