Artificial Intelligence Coming of Age – Research and Development in Germany September 23rd to 29th 2018

The Postdoctoral Researchers’ Networking Tour 2018 offers on-site visits to universities, research institutes and companies in the field of artificial intelligence, discussions with experts and numerous networking opportunities. Programme related costs and a travel allowance are covered by DAAD.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industrial production and will shape the workplace of the future – as well as the whole of society. The emergence of ever-smarter AI programming and more versatile robotics allows AI technologies to push past repetitive tasks and to take on increasingly adaptive and intelligent applications. This will strongly affect the highly developed industrial sector in Germany and as a result, various actors are investing enormously into research on AI applications. The traditional close cooperation between universities, research institutions and industries is demonstrating – and will have to demonstrate – the system’s capabilities and potential for innovation.

With this year’s Postdoctoral Researchers’ Networking Tour we want to offer an efficient, focused, and enjoyable opportunity to these researchers to get to know the hot spots of AI research and application in Germany. Travelling together throughout Germany, the tour will provide close looks and deep insights into cutting edge research topics, job perspectives and cooperation opportunities. At the same time, it will allow the participating researchers to exchange their ideas and perspectives with other participants from all over the world, and with us.

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The tour will be entirely conducted in English. The detailed planning of the tour is currently being finalized; regular updates on the institutions and topics (including links) is available here.