Date:  2 – 3 November 2018

German in multilingual contexts – Perspectives on native, non-native and heritage German

How can experiences gained in the research of multilingual language biographies and in teaching German as a foreign language inform the teaching of German in the UK? We envisage our conference to be useful to researchers in different fields (German Linguistics, Pedagogy, Education, Sociology, Psychology) and to practitioners in the sector. Special attention will be given to pedagogical strategies developed through language biography, language ideology research and teaching refugees in German-speaking environments.

Multilingualism is portrayed as either a situation worth celebrating or a deplorable state of society, depending on which media you read and in which region you live. Given that a supportive environment is necessary for successful language acquisition, we would like to explore the very different problems facing multilingual speakers and foreign language learners in Germany on the one hand and in the UK on the other. We believe that an exchange between researchers and practitioners coupled with workshops for teachers will inspire new strategies for each involved.
Bursaries for teachers of Modern Languages, particularly German, are available.

Please find the conference booklet and further information here.