Tom McCarthy, an award-winning fiction author from London, is one of the guests of this year’s DAAD Artists-in-Berlin programme. Supported by German actor Paul Herwig, McCarthy will read extracts from his novels and discuss metaphors in art and literature with Stephanie Rosenthal and the audience.

McCarthy’s fiction explores the realm of narrative possibility. His work has been translated into more than twenty languages. Satin Island, his most recent book, was a Booker Prize finalist in 2015. Tom McCarthy has been outspoken about his opinion on Brexit, stating that he is not “an example of ‘British creativity’” but rather “thoroughly European”.

To clearly register his objection to the Brexit movement in the UK, Tom McCarthy has asked that his citizenship be given as UK/EU on all public statement.

The DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Programme is a residential program for international artists of all countries and all ages. It was founded by the Ford Foundation in 1963 and was taken over by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in 1964. The programme is one of the most internationally renowned scholarship programmes and is, at the same time, a living studio for the arts. More than 1000 foreign artists have lived and worked under its auspices in the fields of literature, music, film and visual arts since it was established.
The aim of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program is to offer a forum for cultural exchange and artistic dialogue and to provide freedom for artistic work by endeavouring to liberate creativity from the dictates of the market.

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