The Deutschmobil has finished its one year tour through Ireland.
In light of the announcements by An Taoiseach and the German Embassy regarding the on-going coronavirus outbreak (12/03/20), the Deutschmobil suspended all visits for the rest of this and for the following academic year in order to help avoid the spread of COVID-19 by practicing social distance, and minimising physical contact.

On a happier note however, before the lockdown, over 2640 students in 86 schools were still able to enjoy the Deutschmobil with all it had to offer: fun and creative German workshops about the German language and culture and of course thousands of different little prizes (25 kilograms worth of bags of Haribos, 45,000 badges, 100 bags, 22,000 pens, 999 notebooks, 50 USB sticks, 20 maps of Germany for classrooms, and many more treats/goodies).

The project, which started again in September 2019, was run jointly by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Goethe-Institut Dublin, the German Embassy Dublin and the German-Irish Chamber of Commerce. The e-Golf which Christine Kopke, our language teacher, toured in was sponsored by Volkswagen. The goal of the project was to promote German as a foreign language, to support primary and secondary schools in rural and urban areas all over Ireland in teaching German as a foreign language and to provide information on job and study opportunities with German language skills in Ireland and Germany.

The Deutschmobil says THANK YOU to all the hardworking people who were involved in the project. A special thanks goes out to all the incredible German teachers of Ireland who received Christine with open arms and to all the students who participated so eagerly in the workshops! We hope that we leave a legacy of beneficial experiences, good memories, and “a thirst for more (German)“ in the future of every student. Slán Éireann! Goodbye Ireland! Auf Wiedersehen Irland!