Please read the frequently asked questions below if you have any queries about DAAD funding or your DAAD scholarship application. If you still don't find the answer to your query please complete the contact form below.

General funding questions:

I am an international student currently living in the UK/Ireland. Do I apply via the DAAD London Office or via my home country?

Applicants of all nationalities may apply, provided that the applicant is either currently enrolled at a British/Irish university and has been living and studying in the UK for at least one year or graduated recently from a British/Irish university. All international students who graduated from a British/Irish university but no longer live in the UK/in Ireland are kindly requested to complete the contact form below before starting their application.


I am a German national currently living in the UK/Ireland. I would like to study/carry out research in Germany. Am I eligible?

Generally, this is not possible as funding for German nationals to go abroad and funding for non-Germans to come to Germany come from different sources.  However, exceptions can be made for:

  • German nationals  applying for a study or research grant for graduates, PhD candidates, postdocs or junior academics, if they have been living in the UK/Ireland for at least 6 years at the time of application
  • German nationals applying for a study visit grant for (senior) academics if they have been living in the UK/Ireland for at least 10 years at the time of application

Can I apply for funding to cover the whole degree course in Germany?

  • Study scholarships are awarded for the duration of the standard period of study for the chosen study programme (up to a maximum of 24 months). To receive further funding after the first year of study for 2-year courses, proof of academic achievements thus far should indicate that the study programme can be successfully completed within the standard period of study.
  • Applicants who are already in Germany in their first academic year of a 2-year postgraduate or Master's programme at the time of their application may apply for a scholarship for the second year of study as long as they have not been living in Germany for more than 15 months at the time of application. Scholarships awarded for the second academic year cannot be extended.


  • We regret that the Research Grant - One-Year Grant cannot be extended.

Where can I find further financial support to complete my degree in Germany?

You should always check whether the host institution in Germany offers any scholarships you could apply for. Apart from that you can check our scholarship database for any further DAAD or non-DAAD funding opportunities.

In very rare cases students may also be eligible for BAföG (the German government student support, which is half grant and half loan) or BILDUNGSKREDIT (governmental student loan). You or your parents should have normally worked in Germany in the past in order to be eligible for either of the two schemes.

Do you offer any funding for studies and research in the UK/Ireland?

The DAAD funding schemes are designed to foster academic exchange between Germany and the UK/Ireland. British/Irish home students and international students who are looking for financial support with their studies in the UK and Ireland are kindly advised to seek advice from a British or Irish funding body. Useful links are Directgov for the UK and EducationIreland

Questions regarding scholarship applications:

Important Information for Applicants applying for the 11th January deadline: Proof of German Language Proficiency required

If you are applying for a Study Scholarships for Graduates of All Disciplines  or a Research Grant - One Year Grant for Graduates/Doctoral Candidates/PhDs please note the following requirements:

Proof of German Language Proficiency

Only candidates with no German knowledge or whose course/research is entirely in English (please provide proof!) are exempt.

All other applicants, including graduates of German, must either submit a recent German language certificate or take a German language test at a Goethe Institute or with a DAAD-Lektor. The language test is intended to indicate the level of proficiency in the German language and there is no specific pass mark.

The German language test (the onSET-Deutsch test, previously called OnDaF test) at the Goethe Institute in London is free of charge for DAAD applicants and will be held from 10:30am till 12:00pm  on the following dates:

  • 17 October 2018, Wednesday
  • 16 November 2018, Friday
  • 09 January 2019, Wednesday


Please register at onSET for your participation in the test. Once you are registered, please forward your registration email to the Goethe-Institut London  who will then be in touch with you regarding an access code. Please be advised that there is a limited number of places to sit the test. Meeting point at the Goethe-Institut London is on the second floor.

Alternatively, you can arrange to sit the test with a DAAD Lektor in the German Department of your local university; Lektoren contact details on this website can be found here.

How do I submit the reference form?

There reference form is the only document not to be uploaded to the portal as this document is confidential. Once your referee has completed and signed the DAAD reference form , s/he has to send the original hard copy directly to our office.

Who can I contact in case of technical problems (e.g. unable to upload a document)?

For any technical problems or questions, please contact the portal support team at our head office (open every weekday from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm and from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm CET):

+49 (0)228 882 888

How long is the DAAD portal open on the day of the deadline?

Applications can be submitted online until 10:59pm GMT on the day of the deadline. Please make sure that you leave sufficient time for your online application you will NOT be able to submit an application after 11pm GMT and we will consequently not be able to consider your application.

What is the application summary? / Where can I find the application summary?

The "application summary" is a pdf document containing all documents that you have uploaded to the portal. After submitting your application online, you will receive a message via the portal messaging system with the application summary as attachment.

How many copies of the application summary do I need to send by post?

We require one copy of the application summary and reference. Please print the application summary one-sided and do not staple any of the documents.

If short-listed for a grant, do I have to attend an interview?

This depends on the type of programme you are applying for. Please check the details of your specific programme in the Scholarship database.

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