This exhibition presents the work of 8 artists from different fields, from fashion to design, to visual arts, all recipients of scholarships from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to study in the UK and Ireland.

Coming from a spontaneous misunderstanding, “Jakob die Hose”, is a slightly different version of the German Idiom “Jacke wie Hose”, which means “the jacket is the same as the trousers”.

In the 17th century, this phrase was used to express that the jacket and pants were made of the same material, while before that point leg wear consisted of a type of leggings. Nowadays, this phrase still exists and is used to express that there’s no difference between two things, or that differences don’t matter. We use this scholarship connection as a starting point to get to know each others practices, to create collaborations between practitioners from various backgrounds and disciplines, to find similarities and differences with one another.

Elise Beutner (Independent project, Ireland)
Sophie El Agami (RCA, MA Global Innovation Design)
Maryam Fahim (RCA, MA Menswear)
Janina Frye (RCA, MA Sculpture)
Lea Randebrock (RCA, MA Design Products)
Reiner Toerner (RCA, MA Menswear Design)
Anna Wachsmuth (Goldsmiths, MFA)
Wanda Wollinsky (CSM, MA Menswear)

Venue: Copeland Gallery Peckham

Time: 27 November, 6-9pm (Opening) + 28 November 12-6pm

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