Reading (in German) by poet and novelist Kathrin Schmidt

Funded by the DAAD Centre Stage programme, Kathrin Schmidt, winner of the prestigious German Book Prize in 2009 and many other awards, will give a reading (including poems from her latest volume sommerschaums ernte) and a workshop for UL students on Friday, 12 March 2021. The 30min reading at 9.30am can be joined by everyone interested: Click here to join the meeting. The reading will also be made available as part of the CIGS “Limericker Literaturgespräche” later on. For further information please contact

Kathrin Schmidt’s prize winning novel Du stirbst nicht for which she was awarded the German Book Prize in 2009 will come out this year in English translation (You’re not going to die, translated by Christina Les) as will her story collection Finito. Schwamm drueber (as It’s over. Don’t go there, translated by Sue Vickerman).

Supported by the DAAD Centre Stage Programme and part of the ‘Limericker Literaturgespräche’.