German Language Competition 2023

The DAAD/ILCS German Language Competition is back for another edition: we invite you to look back at turning points from the past century of German – and therefore also European – history. Write a letter or diary entry imagining alternative developments and win one of three trips to Berlin and other exciting prizes!

Roads not taken. Oder: Es hätte auch anders kommen können.

This year’s theme is inspired by an exhibition at the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin: “Roads not taken. Oder: Es hätte auch anders kommen können” which focuses on key “Wendepunkte” in German history and explores what might have happened if events had taken a different course.

Competitors will be able to choose one of four turning points and create an alternate version of history in the form of a letter or diary entry. The final event will take place in November this year and great prizes are available including one of three trips to Berlin and a free language course courtesy of the Goethe Institut London.

Submissions will be accepted online:

Deadline for submissions: 3rd May 2023.

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