The DAAD is still following the developments regarding the coronavirus in order to flexibly react to changing situations. As of now, we expect the RISE programmes to resume as planned in 2021. For any updates, please check the RISE website: www.daad.de/rise.

This programme promotes the exchange of North American, British and Irish students in the fields of science and engineering. Students get first impressions of the research and landscape in Germany and will connect with doctoral students who serve as their mentors at universities and research institutions or with researchers from universities of applied sciences (UAS).

Who can apply?

Undergraduate students majoring in the fields of science and engineering as well as in computer science. Applicants must have completed at least two years of undergraduate study. Seniors or forth year students must prove that they will still be fully enrolled upon their return to their home university in North America, the UK or Ireland. For most positions knowledge of German is not required. The application is completely online at www.daad.de/rise-germany

What can be funded?

Research internships under the supervision of doctoral students at German universities or non-university research institutes or researchers at universities of applied sciences in the summer break.

Duration of the funding

3 months (min. 10 weeks)


  • monthly rate of 750 Euros
  • health-, accident- and private liability insurance
  • a lump sum towards international travel costs
  • a lump sum of 160 Euros for travel within Germany
  • a three day meeting of all RISE scholars in July

More detailed information

Please find detailed information about the program and the application procedure at www.daad.de/rise-germany

Please note:
As the DAAD Portal is not fully compatible with mobile devices please use a desktop or laptop computer to submit your application. Technical requirements

The Portal is currently closed for this programme. Please look up Application Procedure to find the relevant application deadline.