There are many ways to learn German in the UK.  Below you will find some useful links to start you off.

If you are currently enrolled at a UK university your first port of call should be the university’s German / Modern Languages department and language centre.  You can also check whether your institution has a DAAD Lektor, i.e. a DAAD-funded lecturer, who will be able to give advice locally.

Directory of DAAD Lektoren DAAD-funded lecturers at UK and Irish universities

Other useful links:

www.thinkgerman.org.uk/  Think German Campaign

www.goethe.de/ins/gb/lon/  Goethe Institute in London

new-cilt.org.uk/  CILT National Centre for Languages (England)

www.scilt.org.uk/ SCILT Scotland’s National Centre for Languages

www.ucml.org.uk University Council of Modern Languages

http://www.aulc.org/members.html AULC Association of University Language Centres in the UK and Ireland


Online German resources:

www.bbc.co.uk/languages/german/ BBC languages site

Further online resources