Agreements with UK Universities - Tuition fee reductions for DAAD scholarship holders

With the exit of the UK from the EU and therefore the end of the Home Fee status for EU students, the DAAD London office has negotiated a reduction – or in some cases, a full waiver – of tuition fees for German DAAD scholarships holders attending a Master´s course in the UK.

Agreements have been signed with the following universities (subject to change: April 2024):

  • HULT International Business School
  • Imperial
  • King’s College London
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Warwick
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of St. Andrews

The terms of each Agreement are different, and you can see a full list of the benefits at each university here: Stipendien für ein Masterstudium im Ausland – DAAD – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (Under ‘Kontakt und weitere Informationen’, select ‘Vereinigtes Königreich’ as the destination country.)

These offers for tuition fee reduction or waivers are not part of the DAAD scholarship value. There is no automatic entitlement for the scholarship holder to receive a tuition fee reduction or waiver.

For further clarification email

(The Agreement with University College London is currently under review. However, we hope to continue to be able to offer this Agreement.)

The experience of Martje Köppen, DAAD scholarship holder 2022-2023

© Martje Köppen

Course studied: MSc Environmental Technology at Imperial, London.

How did you find studying for a Master’s in the UK?

The MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial focuses on the topics I am most passionate about: Sustainable Energy and the Net Zero Transition. Thus, it really means a lot to me that my achievements in the degree were recognized by winning both the prize for best overall performance and the prize for the best thesis in sustainable energy. As a German lawyer by training, I could not have studied within a Natural Sciences Masters programme in the German consecutive educational system. While I was the first German law graduate to apply, my department at Imperial welcomed and believed in my vision of complementing my legal expertise with scientific education from the very first day. Since then, Imperial really has a special place in my heart. I absolutely loved to learn with and from some of the most brilliant scholars in the world in the field of climate change.

What difference did it make having the tuition fee reduction through the MoU?

Imperial is devoted to solving some of the most pressing environmental challenges globally. As a student you feel this focus on real life impact daily. As an alumna it fills me with pride to work in the field of climate action and to know I am in such great company.

None of this would have been possible for me without the generous scholarships of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Friedrich-Ebert Foundation and Imperial College London. A Tuition Fee Reduction Agreement between DAAD and Imperial fully covered my tuition fees. Taken together this made me fortunate enough to receive full a full ride scholarship.

If you contemplate applying at Imperial or within the UK more broadly, I encourage you to apply for a DAAD Scholarship: it can really change your life!


You can also read about the experience of DAAD Scholarship holder in Cambridge on the German DAAD Website. 

Agreement Information Event, 25.04.24

The DAAD London ran an online information session on the 25th of April 2024. You can access the recording of the session below. In the session, we heard from seven of the UK Universities who offer a tuition fee reduction to DAAD scholarship holders.

If you are interested in studying with a DAAD scholarship at one of the universities, please take a look at the recording. You will also find an information pack containing an overview of each university taking part in the session below.

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