First established in 1927 and re-opened after the war in 1952, we are the oldest of 15 DAAD branch offices. Our mission is to foster academic exchange and cooperation with individuals and institutions in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

This website will help you to find information on:

  • Germany as a study and research destination
  • DAAD funding for applicants from the UK and Ireland
  • learning German
  • the DAAD Lektor programme in the UK and Ireland
  • current events and projects such as conferences, seminars, competitions

Please note that we provide funding for students and academics in the UK and Ireland to study and carry out research in Germany. If you are an applicant from Germany and looking for funding to study / carry out research in the UK or Ireland, you need to go via DAAD head office in Germany.

The DAAD London Team

Dr. Georg Krawietz

Judie Cole

  • Office management
  • Personnel
  • Group Study Visits
  • DAAD conference organization
  • Lektorenprogramm
  • Alumni

Katie James

  • Budgets
  • Accounts
  • Project Funding / Promoting German Studies
  • IT

Silke Boettcher

  • Project Coordination for Conferences & Competitions
  • Public Relations / e-Newsletter / Website
  • Research Grants for Junior / Senior Academics

Mike James

  • Accounts

Zafer Sen

  • Scholarships for Graduates
  • Research Grants – One-Year Grants
  • German scholarship holders
  • Marketing and campaigns
  • Coordination of  UK Network of German Academics
  • DAAD Artists’ Exhibtions

Sandra Deichsel

  • DAAD - lecturer at University College London
  • planning and coordination of Lektoren- and Ortslektorenprogramm as well as Sprachassistentenprogramm on a regional and local level
  • coordination of the Writers-in-Residence-Program in the UK and Irland
  • project-coordination of activities that promote the German Language in the UK and Ireland