DAAD Branch Office London

The DAAD strives to foster academic exchange and cooperation with individuals and institutions in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

First established in 1927 and re-opened after the war in 1952, the London office of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the oldest of the 19 branch offices of the organisation outside of Germany. The DAAD team in London acts as the first point of contact for inquiries regarding DAAD programmes for students and researchers, providing information about German universities and further funding opportunities.

Please note that we provide funding for students and academics in the UK and Ireland to study and carry out research in Germany. If you are an applicant from Germany and looking for funding to study / carry out research in the UK or Ireland, you need to go via DAAD head office in Germany.

The DAAD London Team

Ruth Krahe

Ruth Krahe


  • Director of the DAAD London Branch
  • Representation of the DAAD in the UK and Ireland and Overall Responsibility for all DAAD Scholarship Programmes for the UK and Ireland
  • Collaboration with Embassies and other Partner Organisations
  • Contact and Representative for German Universities, Ministries and Academic Organisations
  • Budgets & Reporting, Legal Affairs
Katie James

Katie James

Senior Information Officer

  • General Enquiries (info.london@daad.de)
  • Project Funding: Promoting German Studies
  • DAAD University of Cambridge Research Hub for German Studies
  • Budgets, Accounting and Statistics
  • Personnel
Alexander Bleistein

Alexander Bleistein

Deputy Director & Programme Manager

  • German as a Foreign Language and German Studies in the UK and Ireland
  • DAAD-Lektorenprogramm, Deutschlehren.International (DAAD-Lehrassistenzprogramm) and Ortslektorenprogramm (lektorat.london@daad.de)
  • Project Funding: Centre Stage Deutsch, Forging German Connections
  • DAAD/ILCS German Language Competition
  • Representation of the DAAD in the UK and Ireland
Sophie Bailey

Sophie Bailey

Programme Officer

  • General Scholarship Enquiries (scholarships.london@daad.de)
  • Scholarship Programmes: One-year Grant Scholarships
  • Events for Scholarship Holders (events.london@daad.de)
  • Tuition Fee Agreements with UK Universities
  • DAAD Arts Project for German scholarship holders
Friederike Voß

Friederike Voß

Programme, Marketing and Communications Officer

  • General Scholarship Enquiries (scholarships.london@daad.de)
  • Scholarship Programmes: Short-term Research Grants
  • Marketing and Public Relations (Social Media, Newsletter, Funding Guide, Special Marketing Services for GATE Germany)
  • Presentations, Web Seminars, Fairs and Information Events
  • Corporate Design
Mike James

Mike James

Finance Officer

Monja Stahlberger

Monja Stahlberger

Project Assistant

  • Assistance with Scholarship Programmes (scholarships.london@daad.de)
  • Assistance with Fairs and other Events (events.london@daad.de)
  • Assistance with other Projects (for the Team and the Director)
  • Research for Contact Management


Programme Officer

  • General Scholarship Enquiries (scholarships.london@daad.de)
  • Scholarship Programmes: University Summer Courses and Project Funding: Group Study Visits
  • DAAD Alumni network and events (alumni.london@daad.de)
  • Project Assistant: DAAD/ILCS German Language Competition
  • Office Management

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  • Branch Office London

    9 Gower Street London, WC1E 6HB Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7831 9511

    Office Hours

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    • Fri: 9 am – 3:30 pm

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