Forging German Connections

The DAAD London Forging German Connections Programme offers German departments and lecturers of German taking part in the DAAD Ortslektor*innen Programm the opportunity to organise events focusing on the German language and culture. Applications from other departments will also be considered provided events are mainly held in German.

1. Programme Information

The money is intended to cover costs for the following project formats with their according aims:

  • Cultural events and projects with a Germany related context and promotion of the German language: Support for local initiatives, e.g. projects and events with the German Embassies, Goethe-Institutes etc.; Promotion of German related study courses; enhanced flexibility for offers that come up at short notice, e.g. request to contribute to an already existing event/project idea
  • Projects with students: Projects and events that enhance students’ language capacity in German on all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR); Increase of the popularity of German studies and German related studies; initiatives for linking to the job market and further qualification offers
  • Professional training for academics, especially in the fields of didactics and methodology: Support of teacher training in the region and of junior researchers; co-operation projects in the framework of teacher training with the aim of synergy effects

2. Funding details

The amount of funding is dependent on the amount requested in the application by the applicant and is paid out as a lump sum. For bigger projects with more applicants and inter-university work a maximum amount of 900.00 € can be granted per application and per project/event.

The money must be spent in the fiscal year (1st January to 31st December) in which the event is scheduled to take place. The Recipient therefore undertakes to return all or part of the money to the Donor if the event is only partially implemented or not at all. If this should be the case, the Recipient has to return the money before the end of the fiscal year.

The money can be used for the stated purposes in point 1 above. However, please be aware that the funding cannot be used for the following expenses:

  • Honorariums for employees of German universities
  • Publication costs for own research projects, e.g. monographs, conference transcripts etc.
  • Hospitality expenses can only be paid for up to a maximum of 30.00 € per person including drinks.
  • Books and material for lesson planning and own research
  • Technical equipment for standard operation in language classes

3. How to apply?

The informal letter of application should include:

  • An outline of the event/project with dates, content, aims and involvement of all parties (the more concrete and detailed the better);
  • An estimate of costs which indicates the total cost of the event/project; if applicable as well as the amount of the items intended to be covered by the DAAD and the sources of funding for the remaining costs if the event/project is co-sponsored.

4. Selection Criteria

  • Applications will be assessed according to the quality of the project/event and the possibility to reach the aims and goals of the above-mentioned categories (1.1 – 1.3)
  • The involvement of students on all levels in form of planning, attendance, support etc. is desirable.
  • Co-funding by private partners or cultural institutions is welcome.
  • Co-operation with other universities, the Goethe Institute or other cultural organisations is desirable.
  • Joint applications by more than one applicant or German department are encouraged.

5. When to apply?

  • While there is no formal deadline and applications can be handed in anytime, funding is competitive, limited and dependent upon the annual allocation for this scheme. The DAAD London therefore encourages applications to be sent well before the start of the planned event/project.
  • Please allow up to 6 weeks for applications to be processed

6. Administrative requirements

Upon completion at least one of the following documents must be provided within four weeks of the end of the event/project to prove that the event/project has taken place:

  • Summary of event(s)/project
  • Promotion material for the event/project
  • List(s) of participants etc.

7. Contact for further information:

Tel: +44(0)20 7831 9511

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