Centre Stage Deutsch


Centre Stage Deutsch

1. Programme Information:

The DAAD London Centre Stage Deutsch (formerly Writers in Residence) programme is sponsored by the DAAD in co-operation with British and Irish universities. It offers German departments the opportunity to invite creatives, e.g. authors, poetry slammers, artists, filmmakers, actors etc., working in and with the German language to British and Irish universities so that they can take an active part in university life and enter in an academic exchange with students, academics and the public.
Applications from other departments will also be considered provided workshops and readings are mainly held in German.

During their visits the invited creatives will give students, academics and ideally the public insight into their own work by offering workshops, lectures, readings, performances etc at the host university in order to report on the current German speaking creative scene, discuss their work and give students the opportunity of experiencing German speaking culture in person and enable better understanding of their work and their concept of art.

Among those German speaking writers who have so far been supported through the DAAD Centre Stage Deutsch programme in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland are:
Renate Ahrens, Birgit Bauer, Marcel Beyer, Jan Brandt, Max Czollek, Tanja Dückers, Karen Duve, Tomer Gardi, Robert Gernhardt, Annett Gröscher´, Barbara Honigmann, Felicitas Hoppe, Christopher Kloeble, Judith Kuckart, Sibylle Lewitscharoff, Dalibor Marković, Albert Ostermaier, Karl-Heinz Ott, Emine Sevgi Özdamar, Annette Pehnt, Axel Ruoff, Mithu Sanyal, Daniel Schreiber, Torsten Schulz, Rafael Seligmann, Jens Sparschuh, Yoko Tawada, Jan Wagner, Theresia Walser, Ursula Wartmann, Maike Wetzel, Kai Weyand, Feridun Zaimoğlu , Stefanie Zweig and many more.

2. Funding details

The amount of funding is dependent on the number of venues visited by the invited creative. Lump sums for three optional cases can be provided:

a) UK:

  • One venue: GBP 500
  • Two venues: GBP 750
  • Three and more venues: GBP 950

b) Ireland:

  • One venue: EUR 570
  • Two venues: EUR 850
  • Three and more venues: EUR 1070

Please be aware that the DAAD’s Centre Stage Deutsch programme is envisioned as a joint-funding programme with the respective host institution(s). While the DAAD lump sums can be used for accommodation, travel costs and daily expenses, it is not possible to pay creatives’ fees/honorariums or royalties through this programme.

3. How to apply?

The informal letter of application should include:

  • A programme with dates which have been confirmed by the invited person (the more concrete and detailed the better);
  • A written confirmation of acceptance by the author. This may also be in form of an email sent to directly.
  • An estimate of costs which indicates the total cost of the visit as well as the amount of the items intended to be covered by the DAAD and the sources of funding for the remaining costs

4. Selection Criteria

  • Applications will be assessed according to the quality of the programme for the residency, the publicity and the involvement of students from all levels and academic backgrounds.
  • The involvement of students on all levels in the form of workshops, translation projects, readings etc. is compulsory.
  • Co-funding by the host university is required, co-funding by private partners or cultural institutions is welcome.
  • Co-operation with other universities, the Goethe Institute or other cultural organisations is desirable.
  • Joint applications by more than one Department or University are encouraged.

5. When to apply?

  • While there is no formal deadline and you can apply anytime, funding is competitive, limited and dependent upon our annual allocation for this scheme. We therefore encourage applications to be sent well before the planned arrival of the invited person in question.
  • Please allow up to 6 weeks for applications to be processed.

6. Administrative requirements

Upon completion the following documents must be provided within four weeks of the end of the creative’s visit:

a) Report on the visit in writing (two pages max)
b) Summary of event(s) funded (in table format)
c) List(s) of participants – if applicable, i.e. workshop

7. Contact for further information

Tel: +44(0)20 7831 9511


Kathrin Schmidt

Kathrin Schmidt, winner of the prestigious German Book Prize in 2009 will give a reading on Friday, 12 March 2021.


Max Czollek

Poet und Autor Max Czollek ist im Rahmen des Writer-in-Residence Programmes zu Gast an der University of St Andrews und der University of Edinburgh.


Judith Kuckart

Judith Kuckart ist als Writer-in-Residence zu Gast an der University of Birmingham.


Poetry Slam mit Dalibor Marković

Dalibor Marković ist ein mehrfach ausgezeichneter deutscher Bühnenpoet und derzeit im Rahmen des Writer in Residence Programmes des DAAD zu Gast in London.


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