What Remains When the Story Ends?

Every year the DAAD London encourages and supports DAAD funded Masters’ students studying in the fields of visual arts, performative arts, music and architecture at a British or Irish University to join forces and deliver a collaborative arts project. The goal is to give the students a networking opportunity whilst showing their work and give a further chance to connect locally, making the most of London as an arts and cultural hub.

In the past years, the participants to the DAAD Arts project/shows usually delivered a group exhibition at a venue in London. Due to Covid-19 the DAAD Arts Project 2020 had to be re-thought in a format that would work digitally. The result of the collaboration between Nicola Arthen, Katharina Siegel, Anjulie Chen and Jannis Bruns is the online publication What remains when the story ends?

A collection of four posters showing the artists’ works is introduced by a brief welcome by DAAD London office director Ruth Krahe and a text by the Berlin based curator Cristina Ramos. The publication works on different levels: visually, the viewers are invited to look at the artworks shown on the posters. However, since Anjulie Chen is a trained classical pianist, her contribution to the publication also triggers the viewers into an auditory experience. Her composition, that holds the same title as the publication itself, was inspired by the artworks of the other three contributors Nicola Arthen, Katharina Siegel and Jannis Bruns.

Also, due to the overload of digital content the four artists decided to have a limited number of copies printed, to also be able to enjoy the materiality of a printed publication.

Please find the digital version of What remains when the story ends? here (pdf, 1.59 MB).

Listen to What remains when the story ends? by Anjulie Chen here or scan the following code:

To enjoy the publication at its fullest, we recommend opening the digital file and looking at the posters while listening to the audio file.

The printed publication is available by request only, please contact the DAAD London office.

Featured works
Oh, Lovely Appearance of Yours, Nicola Arthen, www.nicolaarthen.com
Selection from the series Space Vague, Jannis Bruns, ig: @jannisbruns
‘What Remains when the story ends?’, Anjulie Chen, ig: @anjulie.chen
Cc:Theme [I Was Much Further Out Than You Thought],  Katharina Siegel, www.katharinasiegel.de

Designed by
Studio Pandan, Berlin, www.pandan.co

Texts by
Cristina Ramos, curator, www.cristinaramos.org
Ruth Krahe, DAAD London